Zombies vs. Plants is a game being created by PopCap where you play as the zombies, and not the plants. 


The game is all about luck. You must spend a certain amount of brains for the amount of zombies you will send out. You cannot look at the defenses, so you have to be lucky to win. You pick the rows and which zombies go at a time, and you lose if all your zombies are defeated. You win if you get the house owner's brains. Starting on House Level 4, you can create waves of zombies with Flag Zombie. Flag Zombies are expensive, and the zombies in the wave are picked randomly from the zombies you have. Waves get harder every wave, so if you have enough brains it is good to get more flag zombies. The game is planned to have at least 2 levels, which are House and Time Travel. House is planned to have 50 levels and Time Travel is planned to have 71 levels.


Brains are collected by playing Plants vs. Zombies 3: The Attack Of Hyper Dave, as they get transferred to your game of Zombies vs. Plants. If you don't have Zombies vs. Plants, Plants vs. Zombies 3 will try to persuade you to get it. If you do get it, you get a free 500 brains from the game.



  1. Front Lawn Day
  2. Front Lawn Night
  3. Pool Day
  4. Pool Night
  5. Roof
  6. Ancient Egypt
  7. Pirate Seas
  8. Wild West
  9. Far Future (upcoming)

Tutorial Zombies

Zombie Image Description Unlocked Health Recharge Brain Coast
Zombie NoImageFace A normal zombie. Available at the beginning of the game 10 hits Fast 50 brains
Conehead Zombie NoImageFace Conehead Zombie, uses a traffic cone to protect itself. Tutorial - Level 2 28 hits Fast 75 brains
Flag Zombie NoImageFace Moves slightly faster than a normal zombie and signals a huge wave incoming.

Tutorial - Level 3

10 hits To be added 300 brains

Zombies In Front Lawn - Day

Zombie Description Unlocked Brain Cost Recharge
Zombie Gravestone Gravestone gives you extra brains. Front Yard Day - Level 2 50 Fast
Buckethead Zombie Takes three times the damage as a normal Zombie. Front Yard Day - Level 4 100 Slow
Pole Vaulting Zombie Can vault over all plants except Tall-nut. Front Yard Day - Level 6 100 Medium
Football Zombie Takes four times the damage as a normal zombie. Front Yard Day - Level 8 150 Slow
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