The Magnifying Grass Show is a new show on Plant TV that follows the adventures of Magnifying Grass and his friends. It starts in the Far Future, where he was born, then it moves to the present day lawn. Its creators and writers, Allan Fisher and Gold Jones, based the show on Gravity Falls (partially).

Main CharactersEdit

(note: Magnifying Grass is voiced by himself, and so are all the other guys)

Magnifying Grass - a sixteen-year-old plant from the future, he's known for making a big deal out of little things. He's also known for harnessing the sun and using it to burn stuff. What a life, huh?

Doom-shroom - a mushroom with serious anger issues, Doom-shroom is a billionaire genius and inventor. He was the first plant to befriend Magnifying Grass. He has a tendency to explode.

Repeater - the third plant in this awesome trio, Repeater, for some reason, always repeats everything that anyone says. He shoots peas at anyone he doesn't like.

Power LilyRepeater's (formerly Magnifying Grass's) girlfriend, Power Lily hates flowers (except herself, which is quite ironic). She also loves to cook for her boyfriend and fellow friends.

Dr. Zomboss - the archenemy of Magnifying Grass, he plans to destroy him and take over Suburbia, and then the rest of the world!


The show is mainly based in Plantair, Florida, a big city (in plant-size terms) inhabited by all the plants from PvZ and PvZ2.


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The show was renewed for a second season, but so far it has not been renewed for a third.

Premiere DateEdit

The show was launched on October 20th, 2013. The premiere episode is called "Pilot".