Plants vs. Zombies: Escape is a new show. Much to the dismay of the plants, the zombies have took over and are trying to turn the plants into Zombotanys. Currently, the show only has PVZ1 plants and zombies. However, it includes Penny from PVZ2.


Season 1Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
1 1


The plants try escaping their houses.

101 Febuary 7, 2014 (preview)
1 1


The plants must find the way to get through all the streets before the zombies get to them.

102 March 21, 2014
1 1


The plants must find a way through a circus full of clowns, much to Scaredy-shroom's dismay. 

103 March 28, 2014
1 1


The plants end up stumbling into a zombie lair, and must get out.


April 4, 2014

1 1


While hidden, the plants think of what the future might be like.

105 April 11, 2014
1 1


The plants journey into the sewers, only to find more zombies, so they must try destroying them all.

106 April 18, 2014
1 1

Jail, Part 1

The plants, being captured in the sewers, are thrown into jail. However, they try getting out.

107 April 25, 2014
1 1

Jail, Part 2

The plants try deciding if they should risk getting out all together, or leave some behind.

108 May 2, 2014
1 1


The plants journey underground to find a source of energy.

109 May 9, 2014
1 1


The plants try finding a spaceship to use the source of energy with.

110 May 16, 2014
1 1


The plants journey through space, hoping to find something to reverse how the zombies took over.

111 May 23, 2014
1 1


The plants go to a planet where there is a lot of machinery, hoping to find a time machine or something to reverse what happened.

112 May 30, 2014
1 1


The plants come across Dave, a traveller from the past. The plants also meet Penny, and they decide to go back in time.

113 June 20, 2014
1 1


The plants end up going way too back, and end up messing up the start of the universe.

114 June 27, 2014
1 1


The plants find, because of what they did, all is well in New Plantor City, and they do not have to worry. However, Dave suspects something is wrong.

115 July 4, 2014
1 1


This was all just a trap of Dr. Zambane, Dr. Zomboss' son from the future. They must then test their brains to face their biggest fears to get out.

116 July 11, 2014
1 1


Peashooter finds out he is the only one who got out, and his friends were being mutated by Dr. Zambane.

117 July 18, 2014
1 1


Peashooter must face his new biggest fear: fighting and destroying his friends, who are now mutants under the control of Dr. Zambane.

118 July 25, 2014
1 1

End, Part 1

After destroying his friends, Peashooter must face Dr. Zambane once and for all, with the help of Dave.

119 October 3, 2014
1 1

End, Part 2

Dr. Zambane overpowers Peashooter, and turns on his newest machine: The Unplugged to mutate everyone in New Plantor City. Will Peashooter stop him?

120 October 10, 2014