Plant and Zombie is a show featuring Wall-nut, who becomes friends with a zombie who wants to be good. However, the plants try convincing Wall-nut he is evil and the zombies use multiple devices to use the zombie to eat Wall-nut.




Nice Zombie


Dr. Zomboss

Cherry Bomb

Clear Zombie


Season 1Edit

Plant and Zombie Series Episode Season 1 Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
1 1 Pilot - Wall-nut's Story

Wall-nut ends up coming across a zombie in battle who says he is good. But will Wall-nut believe him with the plants claiming otherwise?

10101 May 19th,2014
2 2 Pilot - Nice Zombie's Story

When Nice Zombie is ordered to battle, he finds a good side of himself. Being told he would get a promotion by eating the home owner's brains, the zombie must face his most difficult decision yet when he comes across Wall-nut: friends or enemies?

10102 May 19th,2014
3 3 New Plans

Wall-nut and the Nice Zombie try to find time to go meeting.

10103 May 26th,2014
4 4 Brainwash Without Brain

Dr.Zomboss learns that the Nice Zombie goes meeting with Wall-nut and wants to brainwash his.But zombies don't have a brain.That's why he's targeting Wall-nut so to end their friendship.

10104 June 2nd,2014
5 5 Can you control Plant Food?

Plants discover Plant Food and Wall-nut takes it for first time but he hurts him.Wall-nut says sorry and the Nice Zombie says don't worry but in the order of the battle,Wall-nut must control Plant Food or maybe even make the Nice Zombie to die!

10105 June 9th,2014