Foods vs. Vampires 2: Foods In Time is the sequel to the hit Foods vs. Vampires. It will be released on January 5th, 2014 on iOS, January 27th for Android, and March 8th for PC.


The Foods decided to go on vacation, so Pizzashooter builds a time vortex. But, the Vampires are snooping around, and they are accidentally sucked in! Now, the Foods must defeat the Vampires and save their vacation.

New Features


This new feature supercharges your foods to up their abilities!


Complete certain tasks, listed in each food's Directory Page, to increase their power and get rewards.

Rewards can be:

  • Increased Overall Food Group Power
  • Gems
  • and other stuff

Food Groups

Each food is classified into a group, and in different levels a certain group is stronger, meaning the food, for example Pizzashooter, instead of dealing 16/20 damage, it deals 18/20 damage.



  1. Middle Ages
  2. Ancient Rome
  3. Stone Age
  4. World War
  5. Big Bang


Food Power Seasoned Power Unlocked Money Cost Recharge Food Group
Pizzashooter Shoots pepperoni at vampires. Shoots twenty pepperoni. At the beginning of the game. 100 Fast
Coin Machine Makes coins so you can buy foods. Makes 125 money. Tutorial - Day 1 50 Instantaneous
Wall-berry Blocks off vampires until eaten. Becomes Iron-berry. Tutorial - Day 2 50 Slow
Lamb Mine Explodes on contact, but takes time to arm itself. Arms itself, then randomly launches two armed Lamb Mines. Tutorial - Day 3 25 Extremely Slow
Candy-pult Hurls candies. Launches giant candies at all vampires on-screen. Middle Ages - Day 2 100 Fast
Bananarang Hits up to three targets in its lane, twice! Throws forty bananarangs: ten up, ten down, ten backward, and ten forward. Middle Ages - Day 3 175 Fast
Snow Cone Freezes a vampire that steps on it. Freezes all vampires on-screen. Middle Ages - Day 5 0 Medium
Spaghetti Wrapper Consumes a coffin it is placed on. N/A Middle Ages - Day 9 0 Medium

Juice Boxer

Punches enemies ahead and behind. Punches rapidly in a small area. Middle Ages - Day 13 150 Fast
Twin Coin Machine Gives double the money. Makes 250 money. Middle Ages - Day 19 125 Fast
Repizza Shoots two pepperoni at the same time. Fires forty pepperoni, then one giant pepperoni. Middle Ages - Day 24 200 Fast
Pizza-pult Hurls pepperoni and cheese that sticks to the ground, making vampires stuck.

Launches cheese at all vampires on-screen.

Ancient Rome - Day 1 100 Fast
Pompeii Pepper Squirts lava in a 3x3 area. Squirts lava that turns vampires to stone, making a wall that vampires can't get through unless they eat it. Ancient Rome - Day 3 150 Fast
Pain-apple Shoots thorns. Shoots twenty thorns. Ancient Rome - Day 6 75 Fast
Carrot Cannon Tap it to fire an explosive carrot. Fires a carrot that pushes every vampires in its lane backwards. Ancient Rome - Day 9 400 Medium
Coffee Bean Makes a vampire bounce three squares backward. Bounces around the board, KOing every vampire it hits. Ancient Rome - Day 11 50 Extremely Slow
Boom-berry Blows up all vampires in a 4x4 area. N/A Ancient Rome - Day 14 150 Slow
Threepizza Shoots pepperoni in three lanes. Shoots lots of pepperoni in all lanes. Ancient Rome - Day 18 275 Fast
Sprain-apple Shoots two thorns at once. Shoots forty thorns. Ancient Rome - Day 24 325 Fast
Split Pizza Shoots one pepperoni forward and two backward. Front Head: Pizzashooter Seasoning.

Back Head: Repizza Seasoning.

Stone Age - Day 1 125 Fast
Jelly Bean When eaten, an entire lane of vampires is killed by poisonous jelly. Randomly launches three extra beans. Stone Age - Day 4 50 Extremely Slow
Shock Gum Zaps cyborgs with arc lightning. Creates a storm cloud that immediately kills ten cyborg. Stone Age - Day 6 125 Fast
Tall-berry Blocks off cyborgs even longer than Tall-nut. Becomes Steel-berry. Stone Age - Day 9 125 Extremely Slow
Pizza Pie Can be placed in the same spot five times for lots of destruction. Becomes a giant Pizzashooter that does lots of damage. Stone Age - Day 12 125 Fast
Burger-pult Hurls burgers. Launches burgers at all vampires on-screen. Stone Age - Day 18 325 Fast
Mega Burger Hurls two burgers at once. Launches two burgers at all cyborgs on-screen. Stone Age - Day 24 475 Medium
Machine Gum Shoots bullets that hit every vampire in the lane. Fires high-intensity bullets that instantaneously kills every vampire in the lane. World War - Day 1 200 Fast
Garlic Drone Fires small garlic bombs before flying off the screen. Spinning blades can blow away Dogfighter Vampires. Fires a humongous garlic missile that kills lots of vampires and has a huge range. World War - Day 3 150 Fast
Mortartar Shoots a powerful ball of tartar sauce at vampires. Launches giant balls of tartar to 10 (or less, depending on the number) random vampires on the board, instantly killing them World War - Day 6 350 Fast
Barley Wire Protects foods in every row from vampires until it is eaten. Randomly places two more Barley Wires on the board. World War - Day 11 225 Slow
Pie Bomber Fires small pieces of pie while flying around. 5 more Pie Bombers re released, but only temporarily. World War - 16 125 Fast
Atom-berry Explodes, killing all vampires in the half of the board it is placed on. N/A World War - Day 24 475 Excruciatingly Slow
Coinstar Creates 75 money. Creates 300 money! Big Bang - Day 1

Premium Foods (cost real money)

Food Power Supercharged Power Unlocked Money Cost Recharge
Avacado Makes seasoning. N/A Buying for $2.99 or 500 gems. 175 Extremely Slow
Cold Pizza Shoots cold pepperoni that slows vampires down. Shoots twenty cold pepperoni. Buying for $3.99 or 750 gems. 150 Fast
Flat-jack Flattens vampires. N/A Buying for $3.99 or 750 gems. 50 Slow
Water Glass Tips over, flooding an entire lane. N/A Buying for $0.99 or 750 gems. 125 Extremely Slow
Interceptator Tells you where to place foods. Does not work in huge waves. N/A Buying for $4.99 or 100 gems. 475 Excruciatingly Slow


  • Avacado was chosen to make the Supercharges because avacado is a superfood.
  • Mortartar's name is a combination of the words "mortar" and "tartar".