Foods vs. Vampires is an all new parody game of the overnight hit Plants vs. Zombies. It was created by Rytech, Inc. It was released on September 13th, 2013.


A mob of fun-loving vampires is invading your town! Luckily you have a set of edible, genetically engineered vampire fighters!


In the game, it is much like PvZ 2, with World Maps and gates. Imitater from PvZ also makes an appearance as a playable character.


(note: in , there are coffins that vampires come out of. They can be destroyed slowly by regular foods or instantly with Spaghetti Wrappers)

  1. Escape From The Kitchen
  2. Restaurant Ruckus
  3. Battle of the Groceries, Part 1
  4. Battle of the Groceries, Part 2
  5. Back to the Foodture
  6. Full Scale Invamsion

Foods From Levels 1-1 to 2-10Edit

Food Power Unlocked Cost Recharge
Pizzashooter Shoots pepperoni slices. At the beginning of the game. 100 Fast
Coin Machine (not a food) Gives you coins to buy foods. After Level 1-1 50 Fast
Hot Tamale Shoots fireballs. After Level 1-2 150 Slow
Meatbowler Rolls forward, knocking down the first vampire it encounters. After Level 1-3 50 Slow
Pain-apple Shoots pineapple thorns. After Level 1-4 75 Mediocre
Flat-jack Flattens vampires. After Level 1-6


Cheese Muenster Grabs vampires and eats them, but vulnerable while chewing. After Level 1-7 150 Fast
Repizza Shoolts two pepperoni at a time. After Level 1-8 200 Fast
Boom-berry Blows up all vampires in a 4x4 area. After Level 1-10 200


Ooze-berry Creates a large ooze that covers an entire lane. After Level 2-2 125 Mediocre


Temporarliy immobilizes all vampires on screen. After Level 2-3 75 Slow
Spaghetti Wrapper Consumes coffins it is placed on. After Level 2-5 75 Mediocre
Crazy-berry Randomly bounces from vampire to vampire. After Level 2-6 50 Fast
Inflate-a-berry Inflates, then deflates, and finally explodes. After Level 2-7 375 Sluggish
Death Cap Vampires that eat these are poisoned (similar to Poison-berry). After Level 2-8 $2.25 Sluggish

Foods From Levels 2-10 to 4-8Edit

Food Power Unlocked Cost Recharge
Watermelophant Stampedes through an entire lane. After Level 2-10 300 Sluggish
Cold Tamale Shoots iceballs. After Level 3-1 150 Slow
Ice Creamer Shoots ice cream cones cream first, one at a time. After Level 3-3 175 Medium
Pie Bomber Flies over a lane, dropping small peices of pie. After Level 3-5 125 Fast
Milkshooter Shoots milk from his straw. After Level 3-6 100 Fast
Hypno-soup When eaten, makes vampires fight for you. After Level 3-7 75 Slow
Wall-berry Blocks off vampires until eaten. After Level 3-8 50 Fast
Darth Tater Vampires that eat these are sliced in half from the inside. After Level 3-10 275 Sluggish
Ape-fruit Jumps toward the nearest vampire and crushes him. After Level 4-2 325 Sluggish
Tall-berry Blocks off vampires twice as long as Wall-berry. After Level 4-3 125 Sluggish
Frylock Grabs vampires and squeezes them until their heads pop off. It is vulnerable while squeezing. After Level 4-4 100 Fast
Hot Dog Cyborgs that eat these are set on fire. After Level 4-5 175 Slow
Threepizza Shoots pepperoni in three lanes. After Level 4-6 375 Fast
Chicken Wing Cannon Fires chicken wings. After Level 4-7 200 Slow
Rock Lobster Plays loud music, blowing away an entire lane. After Level 4-8 175 Slow

Foods From Levels 4-10 to 6-8Edit

In the 5th world, Back to the Foodture, past versions of Pizzaninja, Coin Machine, Hot Tamale, Meatbowler, Pain-apple, Flat-jack, and Boom-berry appear. Their powers and costs are decreased by half. They replace the present versions of themselves and can only be used only in Back to the Foodture.

Food Power Unlocked Cost Recharge
Past Pizzashooter 1/2 of Present Version After Level 4-10 50 Fast
Past Coin Machine 1/2 of Present Version  After Level 5-1 0 Fast
Past Hot Tamale 1/2 of Present Version After Level 5-2 75 Slow
Past Meatbowler 1/2 of Present Version After Level 5-3 0 Slow
Past Pain-apple 1/2 of Present Version After Level 5-4 25 Medium
Past Flat-jack 1/2 of Present Version After Level 5-6 0 Medium
Past Boom-berry 1/2 of Present Version After Level 5-8 100 Sluggish
Candy-pult Hurls candies. After Level 5-10 100 Fast
Gatling Cookie Shoots chocolate chips, operating like an endless gatling gun. After Level 6-1 250 Fast
Mashed Potato Vampires get stuck in it until it is eaten. After Level 6-2 50 Slow
Pizza-pult Hurls pepperoni and cheese to the ground, in which vampires get stuck in. After Level 6-4 100 Fast
Orange Spits seeds. After Level 6-5 125 Fast
Burger-pult Hurls burgers. After Level 6-6 350 Fast
Sandwitch Casts a spell that makes all the vampires in a lane go away After Level 6-7


Water Glass Tips over, flooding an entire lane. After Level 6-8 175 Medium

Things In The Game ShopEdit

Thing Description/Power Unlocked Cost Recharge
Gatling Pizza Shoots 4 pepperoni at once. Must be placed on either Repizzas. After Level 2-1. 250 Sluggish
Twin Coin Machine Gives double the money. Must be placed on Coin Machines. After  Level 2-9. 150 Sluggish
Multi-berry Makes berries completely cover the board, causing mass destruction. Must be placed on a berry. After Level 3-6. 250 Sluggish
Hotter Tamale Shoots double the fireballs. Must be placed on Hot Tamales. After Level 3-8. 300 Sluggish
Hottest Tamale. Shoots triple the fireballs. Must be placed on Hotter Tamales. After Level 3-9. 450 Sluggish
Wall-berry First Aid Lets you place new Wall-berries on damaged ones. Works on Tall-berries, too. After Level 4-3. N/A N/A
7 slots Lets you choose 7 foods instead of just 6. After Level 4-4 N/A N/A
8 slots Lets you choose 8 foods instead of just 7. After buying 7 slots. N/A N/A
9 slots Lets you choose 9 foods instead of just 8.

After buying 8 slots.

10 slots Lets you choose 10 foods instead of just 9. After buying 9 slots. N/A N/A
Sprain-apple When placed on Pain-apples, they shoot twice as many pineapple thorns. After Level 4-7 200


Steel-berry When placed on Iron-berries, they block off cyborgs 4x more than Wall-berry. After Level 4-9 450 Sluggish
Pie Bomber Airport When placed, it sends Pie Bombers into all five lanes for the entire level. After Level 5-1 525 Sluggi

Vampires Edit

  • Basic Vampire:Just your basic vampire
  • Flag Vampire:Brings a huge wave of vampires.It's also a bit faster than basic vampires.
  • Helmet Vampire:His helmet inreases his health a lot.
  • Fire Resistance Vampire:He has an incredible resistance in fire attacks.
  • Armor Vampire:His armor makes him two times more powerful than a Helmet Vampire!
  • Cold Resistance Vampire:He has an incredible resistance in cold attacks.
  • Laser Vampire:Uses lasers to attack to your food.
  • Flying Vampire:Flies over your food but he can't fly over your food catapults projectiles.
  • Chef Vampire:Summons four Waiter Vampires.
  • Waiter Vampire:They're summoned in groups of four.
  • Nurse Vampire:If there are killed vampires in the area makes them well till she's killed.
  • Past Vampire:A vampire from the past.
  • Candy Eater Vampire:Eats Candy-pult's projectiles.
  • Swimmer Vampire:He can live from Water Glass' attack.
  • Blood Drinker: He drinks foods' blood.
  • Dr. Bloodsucker:He rules them all!


  • In the game, Sun is replaced by Coins.
  • There is no parody of Crazy Dave in the game, but he makes an appearance in Level 6-10. He is about to tell you what Dr. Bloodsucker's weakness is, when a bungee zombie takes him back to the Plants vs. Zombies world.
  • Shrooms are replaced by Berries.
  • Most food names are plays on words (Example: Pain-apple).
  • The Suburban Almanac is replaced by The Town Directory, which gives information about foods, vampires, and locations in the game. It is unlocked after Level 3-2.
  • There are lots of single lane and chomping foods.
  • Dr. Bloodsucker is the only vampire without the word vampire in his name.
  • sequel is in the works.