Cooking with Peashooter is a new comedy on Plant TV. In the show, Peashooter is going to cook something but forgets the recipe as he never uses recipes. He pretty much always fails in cooking the thing he is going to make. Season 1 is more for comedy purposes, while Season 2 has a more extended plot and not as much of a comedy.

It takes place in a slightly different world, where Snow Pea is a girl (which in this reality, he isn't because AllanofAmerica is Snow Pea).

Starting on Episode 10, Snow Pea takes over because of how bad Peashooter cooks.

Starting on Episode 14, Snow Pea and Peashooter have a cook off, and they both stay on the show.


Peashooter - The main character of the show, first appeared in Episode 1.

Snow Pea - The former second main character of the show, first appeared in Episode 10, last appeared in Episode 58.

Repeater - First appeared in Episode 21, last appeared in Episode 57.

Robo-Pea 2.0 - First appeared in Episode 22, last appeared in Episode 57.

Split Pea - First appeared in Episode 23, last appeared in Episode 57.

Smart Zombie - First appeared in Episode 28, last appeared in Episode 57.

Jo-Jo (Wall-nut) - The former third main character of the show and former second main character of the show, first appeared in Episode 42, last appeared in Episode 72.

White Radish - First appeared in Episode 46, last appeared in Episode 57.

Bamboo Shoot - First appeared in Episode 46, last appeared in Episode 57.

Sunflower - First appeared in Episode 48, last appeared in Episode 49.

Chard Guard - The former fourth main character of the show, former third main character of the show and current second main character of the show, first appeared in Episode 51.

Meteor Hammer Master - First appeared in Season 5 Trailer.

Snapdragon - First appeared in Episode 60, last appeared in Episode 60.

Magnet-shroom - First appeared in Episode 60, last appeared in Episode 60.

Foxtail - First appeared in Episode 60, last appeared in Episode 60.

Cabbage-pult - First appeared in Episode 66.

Rotobaga - The current third main character of the show, first appeared in Episode 74.


Season 1Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
1 1 Apple Sauce

In the first episode of the new comedy, Peashooter tries making Apple Sauce but ends up finding out he has no apples, so he tries finding the best replacement.

10101 October 1st,2014
2 2 New Food

Peashooter tries to make his own food.

10102 October 8th,2014
3 3 Going Bananas

Peashooter tries making a banana split.

10103 October 15th,2014
4 4 Orange and Orange

Peashooter gets mixed up between the color orange and the food orange.

10104 October 22th,2014
5 5 Zombie Meal

A zombie comes to Peashooter, and he had a brain. He asked Peashooter to cook it for him, who accepted. But, brains don't go well when you cook them.Well,when Peashooter cooks them....

10105 October 29th,2014
6 6 Energy Drinks

As his friends work so hard fending off zombies, Peashooter decides to make them energy drinks...

10106 November 4th,2014
7 7 Cake Catastrophe

Peashooter tries to make a cake for his friend's birthday.

10107 November 11th,2014
8 8 Pie Panic

Peashooter tries making a pie for a bake sale.

10108 November 18th,2014
9 9 Not-so-French Fries

Peashooter tries to make French Fries without potatoes.

10109 November 25th,2014
10 10 Snow Pea Takes Over

Because Peashooter is so bad at cooking, Snow Pea ends up taking over.

10110 December 2nd,2014
11 11 Ice Cones

Snow Pea tries making snow cones, but freezes them instead.

10111 December 9th,2014
12 12 Christmas in July

Snow Pea, while her food is cooking, decides to relax. But she keeps on shooting snow peas, causing trouble freezing everything!

10112 December 16th,2014
13 13 Snow Pea's Delight

Snow Pea decides to create a new food, which becomes really famous. But after she found out they exploded after a short amount of time, she goes out to save everyone who bought them.

10113 December 23th,2014
14 14 Snow Pea and Peashooter

Peashooter tries getting his job back, so he and Snow Pea face off in a cook off. 

10114 January 30th,2015
15 15 Not Too Happy Picnic

Peashooter and Snow Pea become the cooks for a picnic.

10115 February 6th,2015
16 16 Trip to the Movies

Peashooter goes to the movies, and decides to work there and make popcorn.

10116 February 11th,2015
17 17 Cooking with Snow Pea: Part 1

Snow Pea tries making an ultimate food, never being able to be made by man.

10117 February 18th,2015
18 18 Cooking with Snow Pea: Part 2

Peashooter also tries making it, after Snow Pea finds out the food brings you ultimate powers.

10118 February 25th,2015
19 19 Cooking with Snow Pea: Part 3

Snow Pea makes the food, but Peashooter poisons it, causing bad effects.

10119 March 4th,2015
20 20 Cooking with Snow Pea: Part 4

Snow Pea turns evil, so Peashooter must make her good again.

10120 March 11th,2015

Season 2Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
21 1 Return of the Repeater

In the Season 2 premiere for Cooking with Peashooter, Repeater comes onto the show and thinks that he would be better than Snow Pea and Peashooter combined, so they work together to face off Repeater in a cook off.

20101 May 18th,2015
22 2 Plant and Machine

A new robotic version of Peashooter says that machines are better than nature, so they see who can cook the best food.

20102 May 25th,2015
23 3 Two Brains are Better than One

Split Pea comes onto the show, who thinks two brains are better than one, so Split Pea, Peashooter, and Snow Pea face off in a cook off.

20103 June 1st,2015
24 4 Split Robo

Split Pea begs Robo-Pea 2.0 to turn him into a robot to cook better. Meanwhile, Peashooter and Snow Pea try making ice cream.

20104 June 8th,2015
25 5 The Laughing Process

Peashooter and Snow Pea try making Robo-Pea 2.0 a special food to make him laugh secretly.

20105 June 15th,2015
26 6 Stolen Identidy

An unknown plant claims that he is Peashooter, so Peashooter puts him to the test with cooking.

20106 June 22st,2015
27 7 Cooking School

Peashooter, Snow Pea, and Split Pea go to a cooking school to get better at cooking.

20107 June 29th,2015
28 8 Zombie Cooking

A smart zombie claims he is better at cooking then everyone. So everyone goes against him in a cook off, when he realizes there is too much plants to handle, so he sets traps.

20108 July 6th,2015
29 9 Cooking Origins: Part 1

The origins of how Snow Pea learned to cook are shown.

20109 July 13th,2015
30 10 Cooking Origins: Part 2

The origins of how some other plants on the show learned to cook are shown.

20110 July 20th,2015
31 11 Memory Wipe

The smart zombie once again returns, and using one of his inventions, erases Snow Pea's memory to use it for himself. So Peashooter and the gang must figure out a way to destroy the machine to get her memories back.

20111 July 27th,2015
32 12 When All Else Fails

The smart zombie decides that he has no other choice, but to kill the gang as he thinks eating plants is disgusting.

20112 August 3rd,2015
33 13 On All Sides

The smart zombie decides to turn the gang against each other.

20113 August 10th,2015
34 14 Zombie Takes Plant

The Smart Zombie takes Peashooter to turn him into a cyborg under his control.

20114 August 17th,2015
35 15 Cyborg Peashooter

The gang, now led by Snow Pea, face the new Cyborg Peashooter in a cook off.

20115 August 24th,2015
36 16 Backward Memory

The gang find out the more Peashooter is a cyborg, the more life-like he gets until he has no personality.

20116 August 31st,2015
37 17 Cooking Legends

The gang learn about legends of a long lost cooking legend, with a special recipe which might turn Peashooter back to normal.

20117 September 7th,2015
38 18 Ultra Cooking

Snow Pea decides to risk her life to find the recipe, then risk it again to create the recipe with a life or death deal with Cyborg Peashooter, so if she fails making it she dies.

20118 September 14th,2015
39 19 Cooking Ultimate

Snow Pea and Cyborg Peashooter face off in an epic cook off, but the smart zombie is using all the skills he has to stop Snow Pea from making it.

20119 September 21,2015
40 20 Knocked Out

Snow Pea finishes making the recipe, so she tries a bite. She knocks herself out, and when she wakes up again, she is in a hospital. Snow Pea asked if she succeeded, and then a normal Peashooter comes in the room, which delights Snow Pea, meaning it worked. She then gets knocked out again, going through a series of dreams until she wakes up again.

20120 September 28,2015

Season 3 Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
40,5 0 Season 3 Trailer: Pea Pod's Challenge

Pea Pod comes on the show, and challenges Split Pea in a cook off, since he thinks five heads is better than two.

30100 September 29,2015
41 1 Shrunk Peas

The Smart Zombie ends up shrinking Peashooter and Snow Pea! However, they end up finding new plants like Cricketshooter, Flynut, and Ice Cricket.

30101 October 5,2015
42 2 Jo-Jo

A plant called Jo-Jo (Wall-nut) comes on the show, and challenges Snow Pea in a cook off.

30102 October 12,2015
43 3 Mutation

Smart Zombie mutates Peashooter and Snow Pea into Gatling Pea and Ice Crystal Shooter. Then Jo-Jo mutates into Tall-nut but his name is still Jo-Jo.

30103 October 19,2015
44 4 Stop Mutating

Ice Crystal Shooter and Jo-Jo (Tall-nut) try to turn to normal again. Gatling Pea turns to Peashooter and turns Jo-Jo and Ice Crystal Shooter to Snow Pea and Jo-Jo-Tall-nut to Jo-Jo-Wall-nut again.

30104 October 26,2015
45 5 Jo-Cooking-Jo

Peashooter and Snow Pea gets Jo-Jo on the team but Split Pea disagrees so Peashooter kicks him out.

30105 November 2,2015
46 6 China

Jo-Jo tries to go to China. Peashooter and Snow Pea said "No" but Jo-Jo doesn't listen to them. Now Jo-Jo is in big trouble because two evil plants, White Radish and Bamboo Shoot, are trying to destroy him.

30106 November 9,2015

Season 4 Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
46,5 0 Season 4 Trailer: Peas vs. nut

Smart Zombie hits Jo-Jo with an Evil Ray and he turns evil and also Peashooter and Snow Pea's worst enemy. Now, they have to make him normal.

40100 November 16,2015
47 1 Cooking A Ball

A zombie asks Peashooter to cook a ball but Jo-Jo tries to cook cookies. Then Peashooter cooks the ball and Snow Pea tries to eat it but it's for that zombie.

40101 November 23,2015
48 2 Birthday Cake: Part 1

Peashooter, Snow Pea and Jo-Jo have to make a birthday cake for Sunflower's 8th birthday so they try to find an extra rare recipe for the best girl birthday cake.

40102 November 30,2015
49 3 Birthday Cake: Part 2

They find the secret recipe and they make that birthday cake for Sunflower. After the party, she says that it was the best cake ever.

40103 December 7,2015
50 4 Split Pea Returns

Split Pea returns to take Peashooter's place for revenge because he kicked him out. He challenges him in a cooking duel which Peashooter won. Then Split Pea tried to sent Peashooter at outerspace but Jo-Jo stops him.

40104 December 14,2015
51 5 Chardy

Chard Guard comes into the show and challenges Peashooter in a cook off and he wins. He takes Peashooter's place as the leader of the gang.

40105 December 21,2015
52 6 Why Did The Plant Choose The Wrong Way?

Smart Zombie tells to Chard Guard lies that he wants to be friends and Chard Guard doesn't know that Smart Zombie is evil so they become friends. But then, Smart Zombie betrayed Chard Guard and then, Chard Guard defriended Smart Zombie.

40106 December 28,2015
53 7 Pea Back

Peashooter returns and challnges Chard Guard into a cook off and Peashooter wins. He becomes the leader of the gang again and Chard Guard becomes one member of the gang.

40107 January 4,2016
54 8 Nachos

Peashooter wants to cook nachos as a birthday present for Snow Pea.

40108 January 11,2016
55 9 Pea Tired

One of Peashooter's fans asks him to make him a billion food but Peashooter is too much tired.

40109 January 18,2016
56 10 Chard Too Much

Chard Guard mistakenly drank "The Cloning Drink" and he cloned. The only treatment is to eat "The Uncloning Cake". He eats it and he becomes one again.

40110 January 25,2016
57 11 League Of Villains

Repeater, Robo-Pea 2.0, Smart Zombie, Split Pea, Bamboo Shoot and White Radish joined to destroy the gang. Now Peashooter, Snow Pea, Jo-Jo and Chard Guard have to stop them. Now, the villains are in jail for ever.

40111 February 1,2016
58 12 Frozen Goodbye

Snow Pea leaves the show. Jo-Jo becomes the second main protagonist and Chard Guard becomes the third main protagonist.

40112 February 8,2016

Season 5 Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
58,5 0 Season 5 Trailer: A Brand New Villain

Meteor Hammer Master comes to the show as a villain and tries to destroy Chard Guard.

50100 February 9,2016
59 1 Dude, What Are You Cookin'?

Jo-Jo tries to cook an impossible food.

50101 February 15,2016
60 2 Na Na Na

Peashooter closed a band called Green Leafed Peas (a parody of Black Eyed Peas) to play at the show. Their guitarist is Snapdragon, their drummer is Magnet-shroom and their lead singer is Foxtail.

50102 February 22,2016
61 3 The Two Faces Of Chef Peashooter

Peashooter eats the Seperation Cake and there are two Peashooters. The Cool Peashooter and The Cook Peashooter. Jo-Jo and Chard Guard have to find a way to fuse them.

50103 February 29,2016
62 4 Blue Pea

Peashooter's skin turns blue so Chard Guard tries to make him green again as Jo-Jo is at Hawaii.

50104 March 7,2016
63 5 Meteor Hammer Trouble

Meteor Hammer Master destroys the effects for the cooking show.

50105 March 14,2016
64 6 Pea and World Against Hammer

Meteor Hammer Master steals 7.000.000 banks at 1 week so everyone chases him. Peashooter joins the police to catch Meteor Hammer Master. He catches him and gets him to the jail.

50106 March 21,2016
65 7 Chicken Nuggets

Jo-Jo cooks chicken nuggets for an unknown plant

50107 March 28,2016
66 8 Green Cabbage

Peashooter mistakes Cabbage-Pult for green cabbage but when he tries to cook him, he attacks to Peashooter, Jo-Jo and Chard Guard.

50108 April 4,2016
67 9 Crazy Dave

A crazy human called Crazy Dave asks Peashooter cook Jo-Jo. Peashooter doesn't cook Jo-Jo and he kicks Dave out.

50109 April 11,2016
68 10 Zombies

Zombies attack the gang. Now they have to stop the zombies.

50110 April 18,2016
69 11 Cabbage's Ultra Revenge: Part 1

Cabbage-pult wants to revenge Peashooter. He destroys everything at the gang's homebase and at the city.

50111 April 25,2016
70 12 Cabbage's Ultra Revenge: Part 2

Cabbage-pult falls into a Fire Chasm and when he gets out, he's Igneous Cabbage. He's got flaming powers. He tries to destroy all the Texas, then all the USA, then all the America and then all the world.

50112 May 2,2016
71 13 Cabbage's Ultra Revenge: Part 3

Peashooter falls into that chasm too and turns into Fire Peashooter that also has flaming powers. He goes to stop Igneous Cabbage but he's wearing a huge robotic suit.

50113 May 9,2016
72 14 Cabbage's Ultra Revenge: Part 4

Fire Peashooter wins the giant suit and they turn back to normal. Cabbage-pult is at jail. Jo-Jo leaves the show and Chard Guard becomes the second main protagonist of the show.

50114 May 16,2016

Season 6 Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
73 1 Jail Escape

Meteor Hammer Master and Cabbage-pult escape the jail and they make the worst crimes. Now Peashooter have to put them back in jail.

60101 May 23,2016
74 2 Enter Rotobaga

Rotobaga enters the show and challenges Chard Guard into a cook off.

60102 May 30,2016
75 3 Very Rotated

Rotobaga enters the gang but she doesn't know how to cook, so Peashooter teaches her. Meanwhile, Chard Guard tries to make a cake for a kid's birthday.

60103 June 6,2016

Season 7 Edit

Series # Season # Episode Name and Plot Serial Code Air Date
76 1 Chocochips

A plant asks Peashooter to cook him a bag of chocolate chips.

70101 June 13,2016